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Red will be visiting San Francisco!

The Golden Gate Hotel has just been selected as a host of the Red Chair for the San Francisco leg of its journey across the United States.

Red Chair The original red chair photo

“Red” has become the symbol for boutique inns and B&Bs and has been visiting unique properties throughout the nation.

The red chair began its travels in June of 2013 on the east coast. You can read the origins of the project here.

Summer of 2014, Red has reached the west coast and got its first glimpse of the Pacific Ocean. You can check on the status of Red’s travels up the California coast on its blog or social networking sites (facebook or twitter).

Stay tuned for updates as Red “checks in” and for pictures of its visit in San Francisco!

(I may even deign to sit on Red!)


Posted by: Pip | July 26, 2014


I may be approaching middle age, but I have no idea what to do with all this newfangled technology.

Apparently, I’m “on Instagram” and people are posting compromising pictures involving myself and croissant crumbs.  What has this world come to when a cat can’t work the rounds in the breakfast room without being photographed?

pip breakfast


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Happy Valentine’s Day and Early Spring Cleaning

Pip inspecting HIS newly reupholstered chair

Pip inspecting HIS newly reupholstered chair

"Hiding" from the vacuum cleaner...

“Hiding” from the vacuum cleaner…

Posted by: Pip | December 23, 2013

Happy Holidays 2013!

xmas pip

Happy holidays from everyone at the Golden Gate Hotel!

Posted by: Pip | December 8, 2013

Changes and Celebration

2013 has been a year with a few big changes for the hotel.

Sadly, Freed’s, San Francisco’s historic coffee and tea maker, retired this year.  They have been a San Francisco staple since 1899 and provided our guests with delicious coffee and tea since our opening in 1984.  After purchasing a huge stockpile before they closed shop, we began a long and exhaustive search for new suppliers.

We wanted to support a local business – one with character and most importantly, delicious teas and coffees for our guests.

Leland Tea

For tea, we did find a local tea maker with all the charm and hospitality we could hope for.  Will, the cheerful and friendly owner of Leland Tea, invited us to taste many of his teas and now custom blends and ages our breakfast and afternoon teas.  They use only natural, healthy ingredients and emphasize quality – exactly the standards we look for.  Even better, the tea shop is a 10 minute walk from us.  While you can not purchase our custom blends at the shop, you can sit down at their tea bar and taste from their selection (which we have done and enjoyed on several occasions) or make your own custom blend to bring home.

For coffee, a very regular guest of ours recommended Thanksgiving Coffee,a California company that focuses on small TCC Logofamily farms, selling sustainable and organic coffees.

The new teas and coffee have been a huge hit with our guests!

Elevator Cat

2013 is also the 100th anniversary of the hotel building (not the business!) and its historic elevator.  We were not able to make it to city records to find the exact date of construction so we have been celebrating the elevator’s birthday all year round!

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Winter 2012

Happy holidays everyone!

It’s a rainy start to December here in San Francisco.

When not cuddling with guests in their rooms or lazing in front of the fireplace, Pip has been getting into as much trouble as you would expect of a 7 year old cat.

Putting up Christmas decorations is providing Pip with plenty of “toys” to play with and “staff” to manage.

Do you think Pip has been naughty or nice this year for Santa?

tree tipping

Naughty: No longer content with puppy tipping…

Pip and Leo

Naughty: The GGH’s Sylvester and Tweety

pip and patsy

Nice: Socializing with fellow staff…

pip fireplace

Behaving nicely or plotting naughtily?

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Happy Holidays 2011!

Pip's thankful for headrubs and cuddles!


"I can help decorate too!"

We’re all thankful for our guests who continually return to enjoy our hotel and the city of San Francisco!

Happy holidays everybody!  Here’s looking towards the new year!

-Pip and staff

cat in a box

"Just add a bow and kitten gift box is good to go!"

by the fire...

"I'll get that Santa... but first, a nap!"

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Summer Pictures

We’re in the full swing of summer and have been quite happily busy, but sorry for not posting in quite a while! We are working on a big project for the site – it’s not ready just yet, but it will be a huge go-to reference list of all our favorite restaurants and activities.

In the mean time, we’ve received a lot of great pictures from our guests over the years and thought it would be nice to share some of our favorites. Enjoy!

He's not afraid of getting wet...

From Dixie H. of Tennessee

Here comes Patsy

From Mr. Oh of Southern California

Runaway Cat

"Stowaway" by Phillipe and Sylvie of France

Comings and goings

From Nicole of Germany

We’ve got plenty more, but we don’t want to use them all in one post! Enjoy your summer!

-Pip and Staff

Posted by: Pip | January 6, 2011

New Year Activities

After all the hectic planning, preparations, and stress of the holiday season, we here at the Golden Gate Hotel hate the idea of more planning and searching for things to do while on vacation.

So for those thinking about a trip to San Francisco, we’ve done some of the legwork and put together a list of activities that let you enjoy the sights.

No Brain Activities:

Rick Evan’s Architectural Tour of Downtown (415-264-8824 for same day)

Tom’s Muir Woods Walking Tour (we love Tom, he is great!)

Sail with John’s (the innkeeper) friends in a catamaran on the bay

Some can’t stand the idea of visiting an old prison, but it’s an icon that can’t be missed – especially if you book one of the night time tours guided by a former prison guard!

If you would prefer not to go on a guided tour and just do your own thing, stop by the office and borrow a copy of Stairway Walks in San Francisco by Adah Bakalinsky. It is full of fabulous walks with terrific views.

Activities That Involve Contemplation and Gazing:

Check out the absolutely enormous interior of St. Mary’s Cathedral followed by a walk to Japantown (see Experiences post!) and enjoy warm udon at Sapporo-ya or ramen at Suzu Noodle House (both in the Peace Plaza).

Oogle the stained glass window of the Masonic Memorial Temple on California and Mason Streets, followed by the Grace Cathedral (take a pew and rest) and then down into Chinatown for a tea tasting at the Red Blossom Tea Company (at 831 Grant St.) or Vital Tea Leaf (at 905 Grant St.).

Take the #38 bus into the Richmond district (by the ocean side of the city) and check out the Holy Virgin Cathedral at Geary and 25th Avenue. You’ll have to stand as there are no pews here, but the icons and priests look like they stepped out of the 5th century. Hop back on the #38 and head towards the Legion of Honor. Enjoy the art currently on display and a cappuccino…

Now, if your feet hurt after all that walking… sit down and enjoy a movie!

Enjoy a movie on the 50 foot high IMAX screens at the Metreon Theater

The Kabuki Theater caters towards the over 21 crowd in the evening. See a movie after 8PM and you can bring wine, beer, or a cocktail and snacks into the top floor screen.

Head to the mission district and see something at the Roxie Theater. Enjoy “the Best Burrito in San Francisco” at Papalote before or after your movie!

Head to the famous Haight-Ashbury district and enjoy some UNIQUE shopping as well as a movie at The Red Vic.

For a different movie experience, the Castro Theater in the Castro district has a Wurlitzer organ and sometimes has singalong movie screenings.

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Happy Holidays!

Pip's thankful for headrubs and cuddles!

We’re all thankful for our guests who continually return to enjoy our hotel and the city of San Francisco!

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

-Pip and staff

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