Pip, a red-haired Manx born in late 2005, resides in San Francisco’s The Golden Gate Hotel and holds the position of full-time “Resident Desk Manager” (or… “Lead Human Person Watcher,” “Room-service Cuddle Provider,” or “Feline Overlord”).

Office Staff

Pip is also in charge of keeping our part-time puppies in line.

Pip and puppy Cookie

"Kitty/Puppy Love" or "Head Cat Tired of Being Chased by New Puppy" ?

Cookie, a Golden Retriever born summer of 2007, entertains guests during breakfast on the weekends.

Puppy Tipping

"Puppy Tipping Good Times at the GGH"

Patsy, a Frenchie born winter of 2007, keeps our chubby cat in shape – playing tag during breakfast time on weekdays.

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  1. Great to hear and see news of my favourite hotel. I WILL BE BACK. Unable to leave home at the moment, but I will certainly be over there as soon as it is possible.

  2. Thanks for the updates. We’ve stayed at the Golden Gate twice. We Goldens hope to return to the hotel and to S.F. as soon as we can. Please keep us updated regularly. Thanks.

    Chris Golden

  3. It is so nice to read news and see pictures of Pip and the people at Golden Gate Hotel!…we fell in love with Pip (and San Francisco!) when we stay at your charming hotel last October…I go to the hotel web site often to rlook for news about Pip. We will be back sometime this year again! Keep us updated! Thank you.

    Andresa and Mike.

  4. Had a great stay in your hotel..:-) will come back..

  5. The Kenastons and their staff always treat me like an honored guest or even better like family. This year I brought my 9 year old granddaughter and she had the time of her life. I am now her superhero for introducing her to airplanes, San Francisco, the Nutcracker ballet and Golden Gate hotel.
    Thank you all for exemplary care and for providing the best experience in hospitality.



  6. Had the best time EVER my first stay in SF with my girlfriend.. LOVE PIP

  7. Hello we stayed at your hotel a few years ago and really enjoyed staying there. Thinking of returning to San Francisco for the Cherry Blossom Festival 18/19 April…probably would come a few days before. What is your availability please – can you let me know! So pleased to have received your blog!

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