Posted by: Pip | December 8, 2013

Changes and Celebration

2013 has been a year with a few big changes for the hotel.

Sadly, Freed’s, San Francisco’s historic coffee and tea maker, retired this year.  They have been a San Francisco staple since 1899 and provided our guests with delicious coffee and tea since our opening in 1984.  After purchasing a huge stockpile before they closed shop, we began a long and exhaustive search for new suppliers.

We wanted to support a local business – one with character and most importantly, delicious teas and coffees for our guests.

Leland Tea

For tea, we did find a local tea maker with all the charm and hospitality we could hope for.  Will, the cheerful and friendly owner of Leland Tea, invited us to taste many of his teas and now custom blends and ages our breakfast and afternoon teas.  They use only natural, healthy ingredients and emphasize quality – exactly the standards we look for.  Even better, the tea shop is a 10 minute walk from us.  While you can not purchase our custom blends at the shop, you can sit down at their tea bar and taste from their selection (which we have done and enjoyed on several occasions) or make your own custom blend to bring home.

For coffee, a very regular guest of ours recommended Thanksgiving Coffee,a California company that focuses on small TCC Logofamily farms, selling sustainable and organic coffees.

The new teas and coffee have been a huge hit with our guests!

Elevator Cat

2013 is also the 100th anniversary of the hotel building (not the business!) and its historic elevator.  We were not able to make it to city records to find the exact date of construction so we have been celebrating the elevator’s birthday all year round!



  1. I lived at the Golden Gate Hotel when it was the Rosebro Hotel in the 60s and rode that elevator regularly. So nice to know its still in working order. I’ve been thinking about a trip to The City to revisit some favorite haunts and am delighted to know that 775 Bush is as convenient and even more charming than I remember it. Will contact you when I’m ready to book my room.

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