Posted by: Pip | December 5, 2012

Winter 2012

Happy holidays everyone!

It’s a rainy start to December here in San Francisco.

When not cuddling with guests in their rooms or lazing in front of the fireplace, Pip has been getting into as much trouble as you would expect of a 7 year old cat.

Putting up Christmas decorations is providing Pip with plenty of “toys” to play with and “staff” to manage.

Do you think Pip has been naughty or nice this year for Santa?

tree tipping

Naughty: No longer content with puppy tipping…

Pip and Leo

Naughty: The GGH’s Sylvester and Tweety

pip and patsy

Nice: Socializing with fellow staff…

pip fireplace

Behaving nicely or plotting naughtily?



  1. Merry Christmas, Pip and Staff!

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